few months back I started this image, “… there but for the grace of god”, but then got distracted by something else, anyway last week I started on it again, did a test exposure for the calamus, I wasn’t getting the detail that I wanted before. I did start a print using gold as the first colour, the ink was there in the studio, but I’m going to use silver this time. the other image here is of the acetate positives placed upon this first colour layer, it looks sort of interesting, could become something.

I think the Owl and Lion Gallery in Edinburgh still have some of my ” a tinkle of euphemisms” print from their “Collective Nouns” project of last year [June 2010]. isabelle [from the gallery] printed them up, they wanted to use red so printed them up with that colour, but now I’ve redone an edition in grey [and used the alternate title I’d given them – “… nee a fistful of fucks”]


 just having a browse. saw the “don’t panic” site design a poster competition for the upcoming film of “norwegian wood”. I read the book sometime back, liked it, so I thought I’d submit an entry



as I write I have no votes for it, or is that “as I write I have no friends to vote for it?”

"... and I'm laughing at the frozen rain"



new [additional edition] version of “… [dark rain]” / “… and I’m laughing at the frozen rain” – now with added text