i know I have a thing for walls – the wall as storyteller, as custodian and keeper,  a marker cataloguing through a myriad of scratches, scars and grime the touch of personal transience under its immediate sentinel – yeah, ok, anyway, think I’m becoming just slightly obsessed with the back wall of MIMA, gonna have to go cold turkey.


artworks seem to be following two paths at the mo’, there’ll be an edition printed up on paper – image only, printed in black and silver – and then there’ll be an additional series printed up on foam board / perspex – more sort of in situ – with these having the title [text] of the work printed up as well, either alongside the image or upon a separate panel, depending upon how I feel.

images here are for “… a thousand dreams that would awake me”, a couple of abstract “in progress” photos showing, respectively, foam board and perspex. the paper edition has yet to be started.


a difinitive edition [on paper] of the “… and someday we shall all die” triptych. it’s an edition of 5 with a paper size of 56 x 38cm. I decided to use a sort of bluish white for the fill colour, as opposed to the grey I was using on the test pieces, and that of no colour fill on the foam board. as I just stated, this edition is on paper [somerset satin white], but I may print up a couple more on the foam board depending upon the situation / context / environment or possible opportunities / invitations to submit.

“don’t panic” have another poster design competition on the go, so I thought I’d submit something, it’s an image that, admittedly, I’ve been working on to make up as a print edition, but my prints and the poster design stuff do sort of merge into one. the theme for the “don’t panic” competion is “safe”, an’ this image sort of fits, well it does in my mind. not sure why I like sending stuff into the  “don’t panic” comps’, it’s not as though I have any where near the number of friends needed to vote the image into the winning position, hah, apologies. go here to vote [for me] – http://www.dontpaniconline.com/designtheposter/safe/?order=latest.


more photos of “… and someday we shall all die” and “omitaddpause”. moved that bursary poster, looks better now.





large format digital printouts of “omitaddpause”, shown at the Phoenix Building along with the afore mentioned “… and someday we shall all die” triptych. although playing with the juxtaposition of artwork placement and that of the existing signage, utilising and incorporating the existing environment into the artwork, I feel, that on this occasion I should have removed the bursary poster, not sure that it adds to the overall aesthetics, an’ all that sort of stuff, but, y’know, that’s how it goes.




I was asked to submit some artwork to be placed within the Phoenix Building at Teesside University, it’s where the School of Arts and Media postgraduate courses are based. anyway I choose this little niche on the stairwell to place the “… and someday we shall all die” triptych. I also placed some large printouts of “omitaddpause” in the room to the right of these, photos of those later.

silkscreened parcel paper and sundeala board and a costa coffee cup of wallpaper paste. need to cover up the board a bit more, might add more ink round the edges. just by hand [with a brush or something] build up texture and stuff

got some foamboard, thought I’d have a go at printting on it, did the “… and someday we shall all die” triptych. looks good, pleased with it, just did the black [key] colour. each one is only 40 x 60cm, I’ll get some more foamboard an’ try to go larger. haven’t decided on how to attach it to the wall yet, don’t really want to put it in a frame.