hmmm, yes, well; that’s the exhibition poster done, now I s’pose I should mebbe think about finishing the artwork to be shown. might be an idea.

still not done a paper edition of “… but one had a sorrow that was never said”, nor indeed a perspex version, that should be next, however I did do this version the other day, printed on some sort of industrial / interior foam stuff that I found in the general use / cut-off bin, though at about 70cm square each they seem a bit big for cut-offs, printed black on black. I like the look of this, have to find out exactly what the stuff is so I can get more.



hmmm, I think I prefer this original title [well an older one if you’re going to be picky] for the work, has a sort of ring to it. anyway, need to print up a larger version, so I have to get the stencils done, on acetate, rather than the tracing paper used here.

I like this version of the image so added some text to it an’ retitled it “… blue summer [happy happy joy joy]”. going to print the image up into an edition in black and silver, an’ also a black [key] version onto perspex, but not sure if this text is right for that version, probably stay with “… but one had a sorrow that was never said”.