installed the triptych “heaveandearthandwonderfuldreams”, commissioned by the Institute of Digital Innovation, at Teesside University today. as mentioned before, this permanent artwork has been positioned into the same stairwell niche that the temporary artwork “… and someday we shall all die” occupied earlier this year.








signage on the studio floor [heartache to heartache]




started working on an edition of “… [and] now it falls upon me like winter snow” last night, yeah, I know, the heart of Saturday night and I’m in the studio all on my lonesome.

in the studio again today for more signing / numbering and general standing around talking, working on an edition [20] of “some things I do for money some things I do for …”.

spent some time in the studio today, didn’t do any printing, just sort of prep. stuff; coating / exposing a screen, tabbing some paper, that sort of stuff, but I did get round to signing / numbering the edition [20] of “… a thousand dreams that would awake me”. on sale now, well mebbe not just yet.

final designs for the “heavenandearthandwonderfuldreams” triptych commissioned for permanent placement within the Institute for Digital Innovation building at Teesside University, utilising the same stairwell niche that incorporated the “… and someday we shall all die” triptych back in May 2011. this triptych will be screenprinted onto perspex as opposed to the foamboard that I used for “… someday”.