printed up an image for the Northern Print Footprints members exhibition, the print, as the exhibition title suggests, has to be on a paper size of one foot by one foot. I’ve titled this print; “… ’til the darkness fades and hope springs eternal [40 watt bulb], it’s printed to an edition of five [5].





been sorting through stuff an’ found this image of a piece of work I did some months back, it’s a version of “… but one had a sorrow that was never said”. I’ve silkscreened the image and text onto a bit of wood / mdf that I found lying around, I think someone had been using it as a spray board while air-brushing something, I liked the result, but as it’s about 4 foot by 6 foot and I have nowhere to store it, it’s probably back on the street by now. ho hum.






last days … the sitting, the watching, the waiting; but it has been a good conclusion to a busy twelve months, not that there is yet any evidence of a slowing down or anything.





more views of the joint [w/Mary Lou] “have you seen me / one hundred percent pure honesty” exhibition at WEAREOPEN in middlesbrough. had a few people through an’ some good comments. couple more days to go.

decided to put an entry into the Hot Bed Press 20: 20 print exchange, an edition of 25 on paper of 20 x 20cm. although having since August to do this and with a deadline of the 4th October, it was only this week that I got round to printing up something. I adapted a version of the in progress [Perspex] artwork “… and she said” for the edition, here entitled “… and she said [black book]”, I like the overall image, it’s just the size I’m not too sure of, think I may print up an edition to the paper size that I normally work to [56 x 76cm].