all hail the Toffee Factory. opening night of the Northern Print Footprints exhibition an’ awards were given, my print, “… ‘til darkness fades and hope springs eternal [40 watt bulb]” received the Toffee Factory Purchase Prize; a big thank you to all at the Toffee Factory. been a strange week; Thursday accepting the mimafriends Award and Friday this, yes; indeed, a strange, if pleasant, week.

printed this up yesterday, I’d seen a “call for artists” entitled “postcards from the edge”; a benefit exhibition for Visual Aids hosted by Cheim and Read in new york. you have to send in a “one off” postcard which is then exhibited [anonymously, signed on the back] and then auctioned. anyway, just thought this would make a suitable “postcard from the edge”, and here given the title “… and she said [sixbyfour]”. this rectangle layout is how I was thinking a larger version [40 x 56cm] would look, rather than the square 20:20 one.


just got the Hot Bed 20:20 Print Exchange box, contained inside is a copy of my print “… and she said [black book]”, along with another 19 random prints from other artists, I did notice though, that the spelling of my name on the front of the box is not the way that I spell it, but the poor wee souls at Hot Bed Press probably had to sort through hundreds of prints to put into boxes, so I’m not going to hold it against them. well pleased, looks good.