in the studio today, started printing up an edition [20] of “… [and] like silent raindrops fell”. not been too happy with my screen of late, keep getting little marks on it that show up in the black, it’s really my own fault I s’pose, rushing too much an’ not cleaning the screen properly, but it is a pain; I think after new year I’ll give it a good blast with the power hose, clean it right down, paste it in total toxic stuff an’ get rid of all the ink shadows.


been working with this cog image again – initially from the “… and someday we shall all die” triptych –  on an idea that I keep going back to, that of printing black upon black, I’m never too sure of the results but this one is pretty much there. the background black, key black and silver are all working, it’s just the middle black, the central cog fill colour, that needs a bit more attention, mebbe make it a blue / black or something, still keep it black but just a different black from the others. the image itself needs to be placed a bit lower in the rectangle as well, more like the newsprint copy shown here, the others are printed on basic bread and butter, printed on the back of some other test print, that’s why they look a bit shiny and not as “velveteen” as they should be. a working title for this print is “… and did you know how much I love you” but I’ve a feeling this might change, another print that I’m working on at the mo’ is entitled “… [and] will you ever know how sad I felt” and I feel that the titles may be a bit similar; worry ‘bout that later.

found some more test prints rolled up in a tube, what to do with them? give them away again, paste them up somewhere, give them to “paper girl”, or try to sell them. trouble is, they’re non archival paper so will turn yellow[ish] quite quickly, so not too sure ‘bout selling them, but at the same time they really are too good to just give away. s’pose the answer really is, find a good place to do a paste up an’ put them there.