just received an email from Visual AIDS notifying me that my “postcard”, “and she said [sixbyfour]”, has been purchased. in the spirit of the occasion I will not announce the name of the collector / buyer [all postcards where exhibited anonymously], but I thank them nonetheless, a worthy cause indeed.




I tried to go cold turkey, I really did, but there’s something about a flat expanse of wall that just really does it for me, an’ it’s always that seemingly random patch of paint placed there by the council to cover up some graffiti or some such; it’s just so aesthetically pleasing / perfect / imperfect. I’m seriously thinking of doing this myself, find a nice wall and adding a square / rectangle of paint to it, sort of minimalist conceptual graffiti, an’ I’ll probably find that it actually is someone other than the council doing this, bit like Kofie One an’ his circles. this was along the Quay Side, had a walk down to the Ouseburn Valley, don’t normally go this way, past the Tyne Bar an’ up toward the Cluny, going past the Toffee Factory I noticed that one of the prints of mine which they purchased just before Christmas [through Northern Print] was hanging / placed in the foyer, so being nosey I went an’ had a look.