… and once more; decided to start again with “… [so] take me to the dance and hold me tight”, just wasn’t really happy with it. got the key / main stencil flattened out and redid the stencil for the silver, there’s less of it this time [the silver] so the registration will have to be a bit more precise. I think that’s why I made the “silver” stencil a  bit larger than I needed it first time, so as there would be a bit of leeway with the registration [I’m talking half millimetres], but as I said, I just wasn’t happy with it.

in the studio today to print up the second layer of “… [so] take me to the dance and hold me tight”; couldn’t find the acetate positive, finally found it stuffed down the back of the plan chest, it was all scrunched up and stuff so couldn’t get it as flat and straight as I needed to get a good registration. not too happy. I’ll try an’ repair the positive but I’ll probably just have to start again from scratch, get a new positive made up. actually, not too sure of the silver now that the black has been put down, so mebbe change that a bit as well. give it a couple of days an’ go back and look at it again. oh well. mebbe could do something ‘bout tidying up the drawer as well.





s’pose we all need a bit of colour now and again