I was doing a test for something or other and used some of the lines I’ve been creating for “… [and] every time I close my eyes” and a section of the keys from “… ashes to ashes dust to dust [heart shaped box]”; technically not the best print I’ve done but visually there’s something to it.



digital printout [inkjet] of work in progress stencil[s] for “… [and] the beauty that such scars can bring”; continuing with the circle, or rather to that of the “black hole”, theme and to the addition of a third colour layer [copper]. next week I’ll try and get a trial print done [screen print] see how it goes, ‘tho still need to work on the variant version of “… there but for the grace of god”.


it was inevitable really; been messing around drawing circles for the last year or two, some of my other pieces have had these circles incorporated into them but I’ve never really done much with them on their own; liked them but always shied away from continuing into a final piece. tho’ now I’ve made up a full size stencil of one of them and printed up a trial print [well three], looks good, print up an edition soon and give it the title “… [and] these drugs are making me so sad”. I’m in the process of making stencils of a couple more circle based images [well three] to form a sort of loose triptych, these may have a third colour added to them [Lascaux Copper] to go with the silver and black. all untitled for now but one of them has a current working title of “… [and] every time I close my eyes”.