“… [and] like silent raindrops fell”: it’s been said a few times to me [concerning said print] “if it was a bit smaller I’d buy a copy of it”. but I stuck to my principles; it was printed the size it was because that’s the size it is. anyway: pestering, commercial mind set, it’s Christmas, just to see what it looks like, call it what you will, I’ve printed up a half size edition of the image [image: 27 x 38cm; paper: 37 x 51cm]. have to say that I’m actually quite pleased with it.



got back in the studio and printed up a decent edition of prints for the Northern Print Footprints exhibition. I’d printed them up on paper slightly larger than needed so had to cut them down to the required one foot by one foot [30 x 30cm]. print to be entitled “… [and] so I will sit and I will wait”.

presented a cyanotype workshop the other day, one of the participants was exposing a print of some grasses, the grass stems were sticking out from under the paper so I placed another sheet of paper over them [the grass stems] and this was the result. I really like it, just one of those serendipitous moments, might frame it up; not sure I can claim that it’s all my own work tho’. think the photo is a bit out of focus as well; end of a busy run around sort of day I s’pose.

in the studio today trying, and failing, to do something for the Northern Print Footprints exhibition. as the name implies, the print has to be printed on a paper size of one foot by one foot [max.]. I’m fine printing up my usual stuff but something a bit smaller I just mess up. s’pose I think that as it’s a third of the size it’ll be three times as easy and just rush at it and cut corners, then end up having to do it all again. have another go later in the week / early next week.