been at the van dyke printing again; starting to get some good results. still a little bit on the dark side, but hey.





preparing for a Van Dyke Printing workshop that I’m going to give. it’s been some years since I actively used this process but after a couple of days messing around [this is a technical term for being methodical and organised] I’m getting results that I’m pleased with. I’ll print up a few more images next week and hope there’s a consistency to the finished prints.



half way through February and I’m just getting ‘round to doing some printing. a half-size three stencil test print [provisionally entitled “… [and] a sadness sleeps deeply”]. although it’s a three stencil print two of the stencils are going to be printed with black ink; the key stencil will be the usual black but the other [the sort of body bit of the spine] needs to be just a [very] slightly different sort of black. not quite yet too sure what I mean by that. the “stepping stone” bits of the spine will be in silver [aluminium]. these test stencils have been printed out onto tracing paper, for the full size print I’ll use a good quality acetate.