suchthoughts.edi.i.popgrafik suchthoughts.edi.ii.popgrafik

decided to start the edition of “… [and] such thoughts that I have had”. first two stencils complete [aluminium / black]. the third stencil [another layer of black] still needs to be done; have to strip down a screen and expose the stencil before I can print it up tho’.




two of the trial prints for “… [and] such thoughts that I have had” were printed on the back of trial prints of “… [and] these drugs are making me so sad”. two for the price of one you could say [if I was selling and you were buying]. the third print was on the back of an old “ … [and] filled with her poetry and stuff” trial print.








all cleaned up; “… [and] sometimes a boy just wants to look his yellowest”




three trial prints of “… [and] such thoughts that I have had”. this is a different trial print to the one of a few months back. I’ve changed the image of the circle a bit. actually, I’ve redrawn it from scratch, so really it’s an entirely different artwork; same title but a [slightly] different circle. still working on a third stencil for it; another layer of black to the circle [seen here on tracing paper]. if that works I’ll print it up as an edition.


black to black: decided to have another go at printing black on black. the image sort of needs to look like a solid rectangle when viewed straight on with the main image becoming more apparent when viewed otherwise: light reflection, angle etc. looking for more of a textural difference to the individual stencils rather than a colour one; both blacks have to be the same black, both pure, I don’t want one to be a “red” black or a “blue” black. did a test print and I think it’s how I want it to be now, and I like the image as well; think I’ll develop it into an edition, make up some larger stencils and give it a title.