thinking towards poster design again [the hand printed bespoke poster – and to the acquiring of commissions for said posters]. just started as an idea for poster versions of my own work really [self-promotion]; I’d pretty much keep the positioning of the text where it is, changing venue, date and main text as and when. been getting quite into it really. there’s only a limited space for the main title so I can’t use the full title of the artwork, have to look at text that is sort of relevant to the piece but could also say / add something else. also, visually, I wouldn’t use the aluminium ink; do it all in layers of black: think it’ll look good, mebbe a limited market, but it’ll look good [story of life]. so [anyway] used a trial print [the “making me so sad” side of the recent lot] adding some text for a “papergirl leeds” mock-up. apart from a few minor niggles I think it’s worked out ok.