making a start on artwork for art:language:location. at the begining of the day intention was to produce a trial print, see how things go; went well. end of the day the piece had been elevated into a fully-fledged finished artwork: … [so] tell me tell me tell me [summer days]


in Cambridge this last weekend having a look around the corridor areas just off the Ruskin Gallery in the Anglia Ruskin University; this is my allocated space for the “art:language:location” exhibition in October: met up with Robert [exhibition curator] and Annamaria [artist sharing the space with me]. all I need now is the artwork; made a start yesterday.


… [and] they thought it was pretty awesome: printing up an image for this year’s Hot Bed Press 20:20 Print Exchange; still not sure if I’m totally happy with the second layer. the difference between the two blacks needs to be subtle but at the same time there still needs to be a definite difference between them. anyway, it’s done; just needs to be cut down [20 x 20cm], signed, numbered and handed in.