giving a Solarplate workshop in a few weeks or so; a process that I’ve neglected of late so having a bit of a brush up. used an image from a series of photos I took a few years back but never got round to printing up; wasn’t really sure just what I wanted to do with them. gave them a general overall umbrella title of “dead stick” tho’.



another bit of artwork for art:language:location; variant [diptych] version of “… [and] these drugs are making me so sad”. I’ve pretty much got enough work for the exhibition now. mebbe do one more piece just to make sure; a variant version of “… [so] take me to the dance and hold me tight” or another text piece similar to “… summer days”. ‘tho think I’ll have a break from it for now; print up something else. I need to do a piece for the Northern Print Footprints exhibition; mebbe get that done then come back to the Cambridge work:


sadnesssleeps.all.iii.popgrafika quiet day in at Northern Print today; just me in the studio and Rebecca up in the gallery. printed up the variant [diptych] version of “… [and] a sadness sleeps deeply”, text on one sheet of paper, image on another, for art:language:location. I do like this work I’m doing for this exhibition. only printing up the one copy [plus a trial print] so hopefully they will survive being hung in a busy art school corridor. they won’t be framed, just hung loosely with binder clips. I know that the transient wear and tear of the placement is all part of the concept but y’know, I would quite like to get them back in one piece. I s’pose I still will have the trial prints.







printing up a variant version of “… in the morning I cried” [with additional “[and]” for added effect] for art:language:location: