been printing up something else to submit to the Northern Print Footprints exhibition; variant version of the yet to be put to edition “… [and] there is only darkness every day”. printed black on black; text reads: AYE WHATEVER PET.


the annual Northern Print Footprints studio users exhibition is coming ‘round again; printing up a variant version of an older print to submit. never been perfectly happy with the larger [original] print, but I think this is spot on: a reduction in size, thinning out of lines and using copper instead of aluminium have all given it a new boost of life. still needs to be cut down to 30 x 30cm [one foot]: “… [and] filled with her poetry and stuff [revised pocket edition]”.




starting to get some good solarplate prints [or I will do once I stop doing all of these test prints]; “dead stick” is still the one though for now; thinking towards printing it up to an edition. I have more similar images – taken at the same time, or thereabouts – see if I can make it into a series of prints; a triptych at least.







last bit of work for art:language:location; a variant version of “… [so] take me to the dance and hold me tight”. I may not need all of the artworks that I’ve printed up; hope I can use them all but it depends upon the placement and the “use of space”: find out soon. www.artlanguagelocation.org



hmmm. been printing up something that at the planning stage looks good but when you actually get around to doing the print it just doesn’t somehow work. to be honest, I’ve had this image, and indeed the stencils, lying around for a while; so it’s possible that I sort of subconsciously just knew it wasn’t going to work. I know you don’t often hear me say this; but maybe there’s just too much black.