… untitled [closed; done with]”: indication of how the finished piece may look; to be wall mounted with metal spacers. and, of course, with the protective plastic layer removed from the Perspex. definitely not going to be yellow though. this piece is only a “quarter” size of Kozo [32 x 47cm]; intent is for other pieces to be printed upon a full sheet of Kozo [64 x 94cm]. same as the work done for art:language:location in Cambridge.

thought I’d try and add a bit of colour to my life; trial / test printing “… untitled [closed; done with]”: right hand panel of a proposed triptych. an idea I’ve been playing around with these last few of months; s’pose it’s an extension / progression / adaption to the work I did for art:language:location. printing both sides of Kozo with intent to present the work sandwiched between two sheets of Perspex. it’s sort of worked; registrations not quite there [it is a trial print] and not that happy with the yellow really. I didn’t use the usual aluminium ink because it wouldn’t really retain its metallic quality viewed through the paper. s’pose I could mix up a sort of grey; ‘tho probably  just stay with a black. well I tried. also seem to have something with drawing tape of late.