… [and] like the hurt never ever really happened:  intent has been to cut the paper down to 30 x 41cm [the image is 21 x 21cm]. ‘though now having cut one of the trial prints down to that size I’m slightly unsure of it. probably keep it that size tho’; it’s all been worked out mathematically and in line with the universe and everything.

… [and] like the hurt never ever really happened:  the two final layers of black have been applied. different variations to the ink / varnish ratio; leave them for a couple of days and then see which I prefer to be printed to edition.

started on some trial prints for “… [and] like the hurt never ever really happened”. it’s going to be four colour print: aluminium and three blacks. each black has to be slightly different; using different makes of ink: with two of them having varnish added to varying degrees. just done the first two layers for now [aluminium and the key black]; play around with the final two layers sometime next week.