another print done to AP in the on-going “tape” series of work: exact wording for the title of this piece has not yet been conclusive. s’pose I should start thinking ‘bout printing these images to edition, but, well, y’know.



just done a couple of trial prints and an AP for something that I’ve been working on; tentatively entitled: … [and] flesh and blood and the first kiss. going to wait a few weeks before printing it to edition; I’ve a couple more images that I want to get proofed first.



got ‘round to doing the last two layers of the “beer bottle label” print [copper / black]. not that sure of it really, sort of went off it after the second layer; it is ok as a print I s’pose [technically], just doesn’t really do anything for me [this may change tho’].






I’ve sort of got into participating in “mail art” exhibitions. producing a one off [or there about] postcard size artwork; usually a variant version of something that I’m working on at the time [but not always]. think I’ll send this one off to Strasbourg; exhibition theme of “borders”.