trial print for … [and] I have met some beautiful people: think I’ll make a few small changes to the stencils before printing this to edition. not much; just little bits here and there.



again with the trial prints and [possible] AP; loosened up a bit with this one just to see what it looks like: … [and] the sadness sleeps deeply tonight. not sure really not really me; think I’ll go back to alluding myself that I can achieve perfection.

for one brief moment I did dally with adding [wimoweh] to the title; but then regained my dignity.



a couple  of trial prints and a [possible] AP for … untitled [closed; done with] one. as the title suggests, intent is towards a series of these.

I do like the Aquasheen ink for the key black stencil; but it can be hard work sometimes as it can dry quite quickly in the screen. ‘tho lately it’s been a real pain; barely getting one print before having to wash down the screen: time to experiment I think.