… one [untitled variant]: back at the laser cutter; cutting a design into some Kraft card and then screenprinting over it. sort of worked. the ink that “printed” over the cuts stayed on the screen and gradually built up causing bleeding to the print: specially with the outline. s’pose a bit more care needs to be taken with the original design; how the cutting and printing interact.




… [one] untitled: working on another piece of lasercut cardboard: printed up as a relief print through the etching press. coming together a bit better now; though I think the overall aesthetics to this piece need changing a bit: bring the “tape” down a bit towards the baseline of the black.






… [untitled sadness]: variant test print of “… [and] the sadness sleeps deeply tonight”. been thinking for a while now about doing a two colour variant of the “tape” pieces; using only the outline and the “tape” fill. still have the regular edition with the copper / aluminium, solid black etc..