provisionally entitled … [and] how will they hear, when will they learn, how will they know: finished off an edition of 25 for the Hotbed Press 20:20 print exchange. they all look fine; have a closer look tomorrow. still need to be cut down [20 x 20cm] and signed.



… untitled [test]: laser cut relief print. upping the scale a bit to A2 [ish] with these; seems to be working ok. by the time I got the pressure and ink consistency how I wanted the card / base had started to fall apart. a larger roller and a bit more inking up space wouldn’t have gone amiss either; wasn’t happy with the overall positioning of the image to start with anyway: but carried on nonetheless. apart from all that; a successful test. the A3 prints seem to work better; might just be about getting a good working practice / flow to get a good A2 print done.