… untitled [with finger trace / all the small things]: small scale edition of … [and] then, and only then: with finger trace and as in love with you as I am [closed; done with]. three colour silkscreen print: edition of 12 [?]. have to admit that this is a reprint to replace an edition [of 7] printed up a couple of weeks back; all of which had the third colour / layer slightly off register by about half a millimetre. wasn’t too happy about the second layer either. thought I could live with it; obviously not. still to be cut down, signed, numbered et cetera.



… untitled [sweetly cherished / all the small things]: [pre] variant edition of … [and] then, and only then: held, as with a fragment of poem, sweetly cherished [closed; done with]. although I still see these as test prints for a larger [in measurement] edition, they have now developed into being an edition to be viewed [and sold] in their own right [a test / artist proof edition of sorts]. working well at this size, although getting a perfect registration can be a bit of a pain.

with the last / final layer I was washing down the screen after every print; lining up each print directly to the screen individually and hoping they all printed ok. as I said, bit of a pain, but achieving a much more acceptable hit rate.