… [and] as then, as now, as silence flows: the heart still skips a beat [closed; done with] [i]: four colour silkscreen print: image: 43 x 58cm; print base: 61 x 81cm. edition of 1. intent is towards a series of four.







two plate / two colour laser cut card relief print: doing some preparation / examples for a student workshop. can be a bit of a pain to get a good / perfect registration with this card: have to admit that this is nowhere near perfect registration. not that keen on the red; and the black wasn’t printing too well either. apart from that, not that bad I suppose.






not too happy with the transference rate of sketchbook concept to final print run of late; time needed elsewhere I suppose. small scale test print for… [and] then, and only then; from the very first time to every single second inbetween [closed; done with]. hopefully won’t be too long until its scaled up and printed to edition.



managing to get a bit of studio time in which to make a start on printing some AP work up to edition; seen here: … untitled [closed; done with] two. there have been a couple of issues with another print [printing it back to front and upside down] that I am currently rectifying.






electronic billboard in need of a reboot: instructions look more interesting than most of the usual stuff on here. or have I just been suckered into windows new advertising campaign?