two plate / two colour laser cut card relief print: doing some preparation / examples for a student workshop. can be a bit of a pain to get a good / perfect registration with this card: have to admit that this is nowhere near perfect registration. not that keen on the red; and the black wasn’t printing too well either. apart from that, not that bad I suppose.



… untitled [the sweetest thing / all the small things]: small scale variant of … [and] now, as then: the sweetest damn thing you ever did see [dirty; filthy]. three colour silkscreen print: edition size as yet to be determined. this one took a while to print up; had some registration and motivation issues: all done now though. still to be cut down: 16 x 22cm.



… untitled [without beginning / all the small things]: small scale variant edition of … [and] then, as ever: without beginning, without end, your heart so close to mine [closed; done with]: three colour silkscreen print. although created as an individual artwork intent would be to present it alongside … untitled [without end / all the small things] to form a loose diptych. still to be cut down, numbered, signed and titled.



… untitled [with finger trace / all the small things]: small scale edition of … [and] then, and only then: with finger trace and as in love with you as I am [closed; done with]. three colour silkscreen print: edition of 12 [?]. have to admit that this is a reprint to replace an edition [of 7] printed up a couple of weeks back; all of which had the third colour / layer slightly off register by about half a millimetre. wasn’t too happy about the second layer either. thought I could live with it; obviously not. still to be cut down, signed, numbered et cetera.



… untitled [sweetly cherished / all the small things]: [pre] variant edition of … [and] then, and only then: held, as with a fragment of poem, sweetly cherished [closed; done with]. although I still see these as test prints for a larger [in measurement] edition, they have now developed into being an edition to be viewed [and sold] in their own right [a test / artist proof edition of sorts]. working well at this size, although getting a perfect registration can be a bit of a pain.

with the last / final layer I was washing down the screen after every print; lining up each print directly to the screen individually and hoping they all printed ok. as I said, bit of a pain, but achieving a much more acceptable hit rate.



… untitled [closed; done with] two [edit]: silkscreen variant version of … untitled [closed; done with] two; of which the original has still to be completed. taken away a couple of the “tape” bands and reduced it in size: image: 21 x 29cm; paper to be cut down to 30 x 40cm.



… untitled [closed; done with] two [edit too]: one colour lasercut card relief test print variant of variant. that is , as usual, if you can do a variant print of a variant print that has yet to be completed; same goes for the original print. and in the traditional fine art student way we say, “yes I know there are roller marks but I somehow think that they add something to the overall presence of the print”.




… untitled [in silence / and all the small things] one: intent had been towards printing up a couple of small scale test prints of … [and] then, and only then; in silence, I hear your voice in everything [eyes closed; windows shut tight] [triptych]. however, looking so good decided / hope to produce a variant edition of all three works [one two and three]. that is, of course, assuming that you can have a variant edition of something that has yet to be printed up.






not too happy with the transference rate of sketchbook concept to final print run of late; time needed elsewhere I suppose. small scale test print for… [and] then, and only then; from the very first time to every single second inbetween [closed; done with]. hopefully won’t be too long until its scaled up and printed to edition.



managing to get a bit of studio time in which to make a start on printing some AP work up to edition; seen here: … untitled [closed; done with] two. there have been a couple of issues with another print [printing it back to front and upside down] that I am currently rectifying.