… untitled [numb: no more words]: variant edition three colour silkscreen print based upon a mono print. I liked the general sort of “overallness” of the original mono print; but the black just didn’t print up solid enough. decided to see if it could be adapted into a silkscreen print. problems with printing: the first layer sticks out from under the second layer [just a tiny, tiny wee bit; but I noticed it; so someone else will]. the third layer just refused to line up at all and then left constant print marks across the center of the print [hopefully these will dry out]. didn’t feel like starting again from scratch; it’ll have to be accepted: mistakes and all. image: 22 x 22cm; paper to be cut down to 30 x 30cm. probably going to be a small edition.



three colour silkscreen print: small scale [measurement] variant edition of something or other. no title as such yet; the words are not flowing as they should: just coarse and lumpen [unloved].



… untitled [such sweet caress / all the small things]: small scale [measurement] variant edition of “… [and] now, in half-light, in ambivalence: with such sweet caress [eyes closed: held]”. three colour silkscreen print: probably be an edition of twelve when cut down: 16 x 22cm. some issues with the second layer; but got that resolved. working on a few other images to go along with this; sort of a series.



two plate / two colour laser cut card relief print: doing some preparation / examples for a student workshop. can be a bit of a pain to get a good / perfect registration with this card: have to admit that this is nowhere near perfect registration. not that keen on the red; and the black wasn’t printing too well either. apart from that, not that bad I suppose.



… untitled [the sweetest thing / all the small things]: small scale variant of … [and] now, as then: the sweetest damn thing you ever did see [dirty; filthy]. three colour silkscreen print: edition size as yet to be determined. this one took a while to print up; had some registration and motivation issues: all done now though. still to be cut down: 16 x 22cm.



… untitled [without beginning / all the small things]: small scale variant edition of … [and] then, as ever: without beginning, without end, your heart so close to mine [closed; done with]: three colour silkscreen print. although created as an individual artwork intent would be to present it alongside … untitled [without end / all the small things] to form a loose diptych. still to be cut down, numbered, signed and titled.



… untitled [with finger trace / all the small things]: small scale edition of … [and] then, and only then: with finger trace and as in love with you as I am [closed; done with]. three colour silkscreen print: edition of 12 [?]. have to admit that this is a reprint to replace an edition [of 7] printed up a couple of weeks back; all of which had the third colour / layer slightly off register by about half a millimetre. wasn’t too happy about the second layer either. thought I could live with it; obviously not. still to be cut down, signed, numbered et cetera.