provisionally entitled … [and] how will they hear, when will they learn, how will they know: finished off an edition of 25 for the Hotbed Press 20:20 print exchange. they all look fine; have a closer look tomorrow. still need to be cut down [20 x 20cm] and signed.






… [untitled sadness]: variant test print of “… [and] the sadness sleeps deeply tonight”. been thinking for a while now about doing a two colour variant of the “tape” pieces; using only the outline and the “tape” fill. still have the regular edition with the copper / aluminium, solid black etc..



… [of] apples and figs [my youth for the taking]: finished artwork for the Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh. never really thought but each panel is starting to feel quite heavy [chipboard and wood]; and as it will be shown in a disused building I hope the walls are of a suitable condition in which to support them. find out soon I s’pose: http://hiddendoorblog.org/  [posters not mine; poster design by Ursula Cheng].




… [and] of apples and figs [my youth for the taking]: coming on good with artwork for Hidden Door in Edinburgh this May. main layer printed, second layer [varnish] still to come; mebbe tomorrow: then to be “framed”: https://www.facebook.com/hiddendoor






making a start on a piece of artwork [triptych; silkscreen on chip board] intended for the Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh this coming May: https://www.facebook.com/hiddendoor

this is the “third” piece of the triptych [although being printed first]; the other two are image based [as opposed to text based] and still need a bit of work done to them before out putting the positives / screen printing. the three pieces will then need to be “framed”.





“trying to bring some colour into my blackness”; hmmm yeah; not sure of that. another test print for … [and] then, and only then; with finger trace and as in love with you as I am [closed; done with]. still working with halftone colour separations only this time submitting the cyan, magenta and yellow for a light grey, mid grey and dark grey. I do like this much more just not really sure if it is working though. need to have a think about it; needs something doing to it.







… [and] why does my heart hurt so when it misses a beat: printing up a “postcard” [6×4] to send off to NewYork [as one does]. It’s for a good cause though; hope someone likes it enough to purchase it.



… untitled [and then; and only then]: working on artwork for a commissioned site specific paste up. the commission is only for the one piece but I’ve now expanded it into a series of artworks. not too sure how to proceed though; to what media to use. started doing a test print using solar plate to keep the detail. want to print it bigger though; so I think I’ll try a halftone silkscreen: see what happens.



at times it does seem to be a bit of a chore to get going on an edition; especially when you’re sort of working on a series of images. starting up on … [and] there is something beautiful.

twenty odd years ago someone handed me a quote written on a piece of paper said it fitted my artwork; it’s taken me until now to come up with an artwork that I think is suitable for it as a title. and even now the quote is split over two current works; the other being … untitled [closed; done with] one.



decided to reprint the edition of “… [and] like the hurt never ever really happened”. there was something about the edition of this that I started a month or so back that I just didn’t like; this one is looking good tho’. made a couple of [slight] changes to it; not much, just making some of the lines a bit thicker [talking pixels here]. used a different black for the main square as well. might even get the edition finished this time.