… like a circle in a spiral like a wheel within a wheel. test print for “… [and] such thoughts that I have had”. I want to see how little of the circle I can have while still being aesthetically a circle. a print of a circle where the circle is barely there. these test prints have the “circle” lines to the dimensions that I need but have less of the main rectangle, the final print would have more black surrounding the circle [40 x 56cm as opposed to the 28 x 38cm here]; and pretty much on the way to the black hole becoming a black rectangle. at the mo’ it’s just silver and black but there’s a thought forming of adding just the tiniest [tiniest tiniest] bit of copper to the bottom left segment of the circle.

sort of messing about in the studio this week, printed up a piece of 6×4 artwork for the annual Visual AIDS Postcards from the Edge benefit exhibition in New York. I’ve given it the title “… [and] she said that you said that I said that blah blah blah”; still needs to be cut down and then it’s to be sent off next week.

while I was there [in the studio] I did a small [14 x 20cm] test print of an image that I’ve been working on; there was something or other about the original artwork that I wasn’t happy with but the print looks fine so I think I’ll go ahead and make up the stencils for the larger [40 x 56cm] artwork. there are about six or seven of these test prints so I think I’ll sign them up as an edition, “… [untitled]”; there’s no overall definitive title for the piece yet.