“… [so] take me to the dance and hold me tight [la petite mort]”; first colour: Lascaux Aluminium on Somerset Satin White [300 gsm].

northern print [in Newcastle] is currently presenting it’s annual “Story of the Studio” exhibition, a loose collection of test prints, near misses and general other stuff that is being produced in the studios downstairs over the course of the exhibition; a sort of “this is one I made earlier” exhibition into the work processes of studio uses.  at the mo’ there are three pieces of mine in there: a test print of “… [and] like silent raindrops fell”, a still not entirely sure of this print of “… [and] filled with her poetry and stuff” and a work in progress piece that’s currently untitled.


three more images of stickers from some months back. I think these may have been taken in the studio so the composition and general aesthetics are more lined up than the ones I’d put up in public places, no having to keep looking over my shoulder as I’m putting them up an’ photographing them; ‘tho saying that, think I’m going to make sticker versions of some of my newer work an’ get out there again “on the street”. oohhh lookit me, I’m down with the kids me.


looking through my files for some images to accompany a proposal I’m writing concerning my obsession with the wall and the juxtaposition of … et cetera et cetera, I found these two images; they were taken while I was invigilating at the weareopen gallery, it was towards the end of our stint there and no one had been in for a while so I started taking photos of the walls, as one does, an’ then putting up some of my stickers an’ taking photos of them as well. I s’pose this is sort of what I was on about before, but to a larger scale, with the images of the wall along the quay side in Newcastle.



started printing up “… [and] filled with her poetry and stuff”; I’ve had the stencils for this work lying around for some time now, not entirely sure of it, there’s just something not quite there, not much, just a tiny little thing that I could probably live with, it’s just the not knowing [or isn’t that s’posed to be the easy bit, it’s the being told for certain that really hurts]. I’ll live with these for a while an’ then see about printing the rest up.