my favourite squeegee [the tender caresses that bring out the man]



decided to print up “ashes to ashes dust to dust [heart shaped box]” as an edition, pleased with it, looks good, ‘tho I have to say that I prefer the top half to the bottom half, just one of those things I s’pose; it does need both top and bottom to work as an image tho’; I will concede to that

to coincide with the Late Shows over this weekend Northern Print organised a 24 hour print session entitled “flaming prints” as part of the  Inspire / Cultural Olympiad programme. the event comprised of a number of print studios from around the world: Hong Kong, Korea, Mexico, USA, Canada, Poland, South Africa and starting with Northern Print in the UK; each doing a consecutive 3 hour block of printing upon the theme of flame / fire, and all documented live on twitter, facebook, flickr etc.

in the screen print corner at Northern Print were Nicky Neate, Sarah Ingledew and myself; I printed up a version of a stencil that I’ve had for a few months [candles], initially created in response to a suggestion made to me by someone; probably get round to printing up an edition of the image now that I’ve had a test run with it. still untitled at the mo’.

images of the event can be seen here:

had this image lying around in one form or another for a couple of years now, it’s an image that I’ve never been 100% sure of, I like the overall aesthetics of the keys but there has always been this niggling little doubt; anyway, thought I’d try it as a screen print – black and silver – do some trial prints, see how it works an’ live with them for a few days. if I’m happy and decide to go to an edition they’ll be given the title “… ashes to ashes, dust to dust [heart shaped box]”.